Sunday, 8 January 2017


"Link Wep Site Server :- "

I got to know about the server from my friend he was play with me in "Silkroad Journey" and "Excalibur Online" he send to me in a message in facebook link wep site game and i registered  then download game then started make char name Chievo

and started add my friends in server from old friends was play with me in"Silkroad Journey" and "Excalibur Online"

and some new friends from other games and mostly welcomed to play with me

why my name is "Chievo" because i want old friends who were with me in the previous games know me easily and i like this name alot players knowing this name in different games so  I did this name

(First forum :- AdWeek Event (Free Silk/Yen
(First prize:- 50 Yen From Event AdWeek Event (Free Silk/Yen
" First rude player experience:- " iAccepT
First customer support email :- when ask you about reward event CIVILIZATIONS Video Contest
First Post FB :- [Permanent] EXP Strike Event
" First Frined Join My List Friends :-"Punisher

  First Screenshot When Started Game

My first party? ...this was my first party when started game

 "First Time Kill Unique in this server "Captain Ivy 

This Was First Event W.K  Bring it

First Party Penon When Lv Up 42

"First Time Join  Event CTF And First invite Guild Was Name "Evolution

"Who Help Me Lv Up? My Friend "ArmandoMatt

"First Time Kill High HP Unique "Lord Yarkan

First Time Get Avatar

First Time Make Staff +7

First Time Get Devil

"First FTW With Guild "VendeTTa" Vs Guild "OSMANLI" First Boss Raid "ArmandoMatt

"First Time Play Pvp With My Friend "Luke

"First Time Kill Uniuqe "Princess Miyene

"First Time Kill Uniuqe "Tai Sui

First Trader

First Player Kill 10 Uniuqe's Without Ks Respectively

First Player Plvl 1010 Char in Academy 1st King Honor Buff

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